Commercial Management

We offer full commercial management for coaster-sized vessel (minibulkers), including

  • Chartering

    Finding the optimum employment for a vessel is our absolute strength. May it be cargoes in the spot-market, a contract of affreightment (COA) or a time-charter, we thoroughly analyze all options in the market for each vessel and conclude the deal that suits best to the situation of the ship.

  • Operating

    An essential part of our commercial success lies in saving costs. A good operator can contribute to saving fuel, avoiding claims, maximizing intake and, last but not least, make our partners happy.

  • Bunkering

    We work with a couple of trusted bunker-traders on a regular basis. That way, we can collect and compare offers and chose the most economic one for each bunkering. On the other hand, a continuous relationship with those traders ensures good payment conditions- and support for our small ships.

  • Reporting

    We have an open book with our partners. Voyage accounts and payments are handled with utmost prudence and are completely transparent.

  • Claim Handling

    The best claim-handling is to avoid them entirely but sometimes, things happen that cause disputes. We believe a good sign of a persons character is their behavior during conflict. We have great experience in claims (and how to avoid them) and always support our partners in finding a reasonable, commercial solution.